About Us

Our purpose and calling.

ad Initium

Latin, “at or to the beginning”: Modern – initiate, initiative

E-nitium is more than a technology company. At our heart we are a people company. Our goal is to nurture a community of excellence that provide our clients and partners with an unparalleled service.
We walk shoulder to shoulder alongside our customers on their journey. We guide businesses across all sectors in making sensible, timely technological decisions.
Our partners, clients, and associates trust us for their business needs. They trust us to to install sustainable and socially responsible strategies that align with their own. All the while remaining flexible and adaptable to the contantly changing world of technology.

Meet Our Team

Olivier Pincemin
Olivier has 20 years of experience in Software and Consulting industry, he was in charge of building a practice from the ground up and creating innovative solutions for Kerensen in South Africa & Emerging markets. Olivier has also led teams of pre-sales and post-sales resources focused on customer success. He has a rich industry experience in Telco, Healthcare, High-Tech, Software, Financial Services, Media, and Utilities.
Ashley Dee

Ashley has 25 years of experience in the commercial maritime and commodity industries. He has worked within some of the world’s largest resources companies (BHP and Rio Tinto), global marine agency and terminal services (LBH) and as a serial entrepreneur in marine trading and manufacturing industries.

He has a thorough & broad understanding of the intricacies of commodity trade execution and delivery.

Work From Anywhere

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